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Know The Different Types of Web Hosting Server

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Websites are windows to the online world. All we see in the WWW are websites that points to a particular Uniform Resource Locator or url that often consists of a domain name, IP address and a root path in an Internet Protocol-based network. These websites are loaded with information about companies, individuals and many more. How these websites make their way into the WWW is through web hosting. Websites are being hosted in a server that connects to the Internet 24 hours a day, 7 times a week. Web hosts are those companies who own a space that can be uploaded through the server.

There are many types of web hosting servers such as Virtual Private Server or VPS, Dedicated Servers and Shared hosting. If you are planning to set up a website of your own, you should have a better understanding of these types of web hosting servers.

Shared Hosting

This is the most popular web hosting server for websites. Why? Because Shared hosting will only cost you a few dollars monthly. This type of web hosting is shared by a number of websites likewise the resources such as disk space, bandwidth, memory, processing power, etc. are also shared among other websites that share the common server. Shared web hosting suits almost any kind of website. Your only main concern here is that you should choose your hosting company wisely. A reliable hosting company can easily solve the issues regarding bandwidth, space, processing, etc.

Dedicated Server

Dedicated server suits large businesses that have a lot of traffic. Large businesses needs a website that requires a lot of resources like bandwidth, disk space, memory and processing capacity. Shared hosting is a wise choice for large businesses because only one website is being hosted per server thus, the resources are not shared among other websites. Web masters have two options regarding on how they would want to manage it. A managed dedicated server works best for those who do not want to go on the technical details of handling their websites. If the web master is ex posed on the technical aspects of servers, then an unmanaged dedicated server will best work for him so that he will have a better control over the server.

Virtual Private Server or VPS

A VPS hosting is a type of hosting that have both the features of a shared hosting and a dedicated server. The server is divided into several servers and each used has one part of the server. In VPS hosting, you can get a root access along with customization services. Maggie Jackson is a part time blogger. Most of her posts are about technology, Internet, web hosting particularly VPS Hosting and Virtual Servers. Aside from blogging she is also into sports like tennis and swimming. She describes herself as an adventurous, vibrant and a pet lover person.

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